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Classroom Remote and Hybrid Learning Solutions

Recent advances in remote learning transformed how children interact with their teachers and classmates. Prosis Hawaii has a large suite of Remote and Hybrid-remote learning solutions that can scale to classrooms of any size.

Combine the Prosis COVID-prevention technologies with in-classroom learning solutions for a safe and informative environment.


Reduce voice-strain and increase student engagement with the FrontRow Juno Speaker and Microphone system. This lightweight and easy to use system has proven its worth to teachers around the globe, and is currently implemented in some of Oahu’s most prestigious classrooms.

“Because they need to project their voice to back of the classroom, half of all teachers will experience a voice disorder during their career. FrontRow systems eliminate this added strain. Most teachers using FrontRow report more energy and greater teaching satisfaction.” – Allen, Laurie, MA, CCC-A

“Listening is hard work. By making sure that the teacher’s voice is highly intelligible to all students, FrontRow makes it easier to listen. As a consequence, attentiveness, understanding, and behavior nearly always improve.” – Rosenberg, Gail, et al. “Improving Classroom Acoustics (ICA): A Three-Year FM Sound Field Classroom Amplification Study.”

Teacher and Students with Frontrow Speaker

Keiki PPE packages

Kid-friendly Masks, headphone, and microphone sanitation equipment is only the beginning. Combine these PPE products with our hand-held UV-C Sanitizer and have peace of mind knowing that your students are well-protected from airborne and surface-level viruses.

Hand Held Sanitizer over school supplies
Child Student in Face Mask


  • Increase student engagement using ScreenBeam technology
  • Monitor student screens and active applications in real time
  • Command attention by blanking student screens and locking keyboards
  • Launch URLs across individual, group or all student devices
  • 4K wireless display for Windows, iOS, and Chrome instructor devices
  • Student device orchestration for up to 50 Windows 10 or Chrome devices in one combined solution
ScreenBeam Module