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Thermal Temperature Scanning

The TC-800 Thermal Temperature Scanning System with AI is equipped with real-time infrared body temperature scanning, high-resolution facial recognition, and mask automatic detection. When an abnormal temperature is found during the real-time temperature detection, the photo is taken and warning functions will be activated.

In addition to facial recognition and temperature measurement, TC-800 Thermal Temprature Scanner can also automatically detect whether the face is wearing a mask. It is equipped with cross-platform real-time remote monitoring, that will activate protocals and reduce the possibility of on-site disease infection.


  • Highest Temperature Trace and Highlight
  • Detect Multiple Temperatures up to 30 at the same time
  • Automatic Abnormal Temperature Alarm and Image Capture
  • Web Server for Remote Abnormal Temperature Monitoring
  • AI Algorithm for Multiple Faces and Mask Detection




IR Resolution

384 x 288 pixels

Visible Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels


≤ 40mk @ 25°C


±0.3°C (without blackbody)

Field of View

24.6 x 18.6

Frame Rate

30 Hz

Temperature Range

32°F ~ 122°F


Multiple Faces Detection

AI Identifies with or without Face Mask

Exclude Abnormal High Temperature

Highest/Lowest Temperature Trace and Highlight

Arbitrary Detection Area Setting

Alarm Value Setting

Face Detection

Simultaneously detect 30 faces

Capture rate:98%

Recognition time:≤ 0.4 seconds


Alarm Image

H.264 Video Records


TC-800 Business Case

TC-800 Technical

Data Sheet